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Selling your home is a major life event. You leave memories behind, pack up a lifetime into boxes, move, and rearrange. Some may have ample time, while others need a quick sale. Regardless of your situation or phase, we’re here to ensure your journey through the home selling process is guided with the right emotions every step of the way.

For those who value quality

To ensure maximum satisfaction for both you and potential buyers of your home, we strive to deliver a high-quality experience throughout the transaction, securing the price your home deserves.

Committed agents 

Our agents undergo regular training and are experts in the housing market in your area. Therefore, they can provide you with the best advice and deliver an experience with a better feeling.

Independent with you in focus

As a independent real estate chain in Hurghada, we strive to ensure that your home sale is tailored specifically to you and your wishes.

Relevant prospective buyers

Our approach to selling your home

Whether you have plenty of time to sell your home or need to sell quickly, we have a strategy that provides your home with the best possible opportunities. We call our approach Active Matching

Common phases
during the sale of a home



Our advisory meetings are designed to create the best solution for you. We review your needs and circumstances to ensure you get the best price for your home.



With professional photography and edited images, we lay the foundation for showcasing your home in the best light. We collaborate with top photographers to create the right visual language for your property.


Sales Material

We create an attractive package for your home. If needed, we can add professional styling, video, and digital renovation to showcase the potential of your property even more.



Your home will be marketed across a variety of channels to reach potential buyers and help us reach both active and passive prospects.



Our viewing concept is built on both factual and emotional aspects, highlighting all the advantages and qualities that are crucial for your potential buyers. We don’t just showcase your home – we sell it.



All bids are received and communicated to you as the seller. The bidding process takes place safely and securely and you can easily follow up its progress talking to us.



The transaction concludes only when all parties have signed the purchase contract. Before contract signing, the broker prepares all documents and reviews them to ensure everyone understands the terms.



On the day of possession, the home transaction is finalized. Documents are reviewed and signed, you receive the final payment of the purchase price, and hand over the keys and responsibility for the property to the buyer.

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Initiating a consultation meeting is a great first step towards selling your property. Complete the form to connect with our real estate agents. They’re available to address your inquiries and offer guidance regarding your home sale.


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